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111TEST ENTIDADPymeSISOTERIASOlutions TEsting for Regions through Insurance for climate AdaptationHORIZON EUROPEGlobal Challenges and European Industrial CompetitivenessClimate, Energy and MobilityCL-Mission: Adaptation to climate change2022RIA01/09/202328/02/2026152.998.353€EcoinnovaciónSelecciona una opciónhttps://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/101112867The SOTERIA project aims to advance innovative insurance solutions for climate change adaptation in different European regions and communities. To do so, SOTERIA will work through three main tracks forming the core of our approach: i) documenting best practice in relation to data, new insurance and robust enabling frameworks; ii) testing of some of these solutions; and iii) the creation of communities of practice for regions and insurance as legacy. We aim to help reducing the protection gap by documenting best practice and the testing of insurance products and services that reward proactive prevention measures while seeking to increase coverage through co-designed solutions. We will also consider the enabling framework that analyses the role of public sector modernisation and how to develop affordable insurance schemes that leave no one behind, through our Communities of Practice engaged in Climate Resilience society-insurance dialogues. SOTERIA will take these solutions from the levels of research to demonstration and testing with some at the level of pre-commercial procurement in at least three cases thanks to a network of three pilots and 5 satellites that span different geographical areas (and needs). The project legacy a set of best practice materials as well as a Community of Practice to support other regions interested to design and/or adopt innovative insurance solutions. SOTERIA will contribute to the wider goal of the Mission Adaptation to increase Europe’s resilience and preparedness to face unavoidable consequences of climate change by filling the gaps on insurance coverage for climate adaptation.No
6 ENLACES SLPymeNO3DTUMOURDevelopment of a high-throughput microplate based device to analyse the patient derived tumour microenvironmentHORIZON EUROPEExcellent ScienceEuropean Research Council (ERC)ERC Proof of Concept Grants2023ERC01/02/202431/07/20251150.000€Industria inteligenteSistemas ciberfísicoshttps://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/101138255No
6 ENLACES SLPymeNO55XCDFRtest 5rrwewdddHORIZON EUROPEExcellent ScienceEuropean Research Council (ERC)ERC Consolidator Grant2023COFUND01/05/202401/05/2028110€Salud personalizadaCiberseguridadresumen del proyectoNo
6 ENLACES SLPymeNO6SAVA6thSense Asset Valorisation ActionHORIZON EUROPEWidening Participation and Strengthening the European Research AreaWidening participation and spreading excellenceImproved access to excellence2023CSA01/02/202431/07/202651.198.040€Selecciona una opciónSelecciona una opciónhttp://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/1011599276SAVA, or 6thSense Asset Valorisation Action, is a strategic coordination support action aimed at propelling the mature outcomes of the H2020 project SIXTHSENSE to a wider market. SIXTHSENSE developed an innovative system for monitoring vital parameters of first responders in extreme environments, reaching TRL5.6SAVA focuses on a streamlined version of SIXTHSENSE to drive the commercialization of mature assets in Republic of Serbia (RS), Croatia (HR), and Bosnia and Herzegovi, leveraging national and regional funding. This initiative empowers core SIXTHSENSE partners to capitalize on their results in the regional context.The project harnesses two distinct assets: 1) An Industry 4.0 Health Monitoring Device ensures employee safety in physically demanding manufacturing jobs, starting from cement, petrochemical, and paper industries. 2) Comprehensive IT Solution for Firefighter Operational Management, with potential for generalisation and application across the civil protection sector.The primary objective of 6SAVA is to align technology specifications with the national smart specialization strategies (S3) and needs of local industrial actors. It will result in crafting high-quality applications for national/regional funding to support advancing these technologies toward market readiness, and enhancing technology uptake within the targeted regions.This will be achieved through workshops to engage stakeholders from the industry, national institutions responsible for cohesion policy and funding, and technology innovation drivers (universities and RTO). Additionally 6SAVA will drive knowledge transfer and technological adoption in HR, RS and BA through targeted activities developed by TECNALIA, a leading European innovation center. 6SAVA's ultimate goal is to amplify the impact of SIXTHSENSE innovations, creating a positive ripple effect throughout the region's technological landscape.ND
A&B LABORATORIOS DE BIOTECNOLOGÍA, S.A.U.PymeNOCERTIFAIAgile conformance assessment for cybersecurity CERTIFication enhanced by Artificial IntelligenceHORIZON EUROPEGlobal Challenges and European Industrial CompetitivenessCivil Security for SocietyIncreased cybersecurity2022IA01/09/202331/08/2026114.802.650€Selecciona una opciónSelecciona una opciónhttps://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/101120606According to the EU Cyber Resilience Act, “hardware and software products are increasingly subject to successful cyberattacks, leading to an estimated global annual cost of cybercrime of EUR 5.5 trillion by 2021”. This is due to a low level of cybersecurity, reflected by widespread vulnerabilities and inadequate approaches for identifying and mitigating the rapidly and constantly evolving cyber threats and vulnerabilities, as well as ensuring continuous compliance with regulations, industry standards, and best practices. To reduce the impact of cyberattacks and increase the resilience of digital technologies, it is essential to assess the conformity to security standards of ICT products, services, and processes throughout their life cycle. However, the traditional conformity assessment process is predominantly a static and expensive one-time assurance activity that does not cater to the needs of agile product delivery, which promotes continuous product updates and upgrades, and often changes in requirements. Each such update opens doors to product vulnerabilities, and consequently poses cyber risks for product users and companies’ reputation. To avoid these issues, it is essential to enable a partial and continuous lean re-certification of ICT products, services, and processes, to empower manufacturers to prevent, detect, counter and quickly respond to cyber threats. In response to these challenges, the CERTIFAI project will develop an open software framework for cost-effective AI-driven continuous assessment and (re-)certification of ICT products and services, paving the way for a more secure and trustworthy EU’s digital world. Building on the EU Cybersecurity Act, CERTIFAI will leverage the established cybersecurity requirements, standards, and technical specifications to deliver an efficient approach for ensuring that a product, once certified, will continue to be compliant with relevant standards throughout its life cycle.ND
AAF, S.A.PymeNOWEDISTRICTSmart and local reneWable Energy DISTRICT heating and cooling solutions for sustainable livingHORIZON 2020 (2014-2020)H2020 - SOCIETAL CHALLENGESH2020 - SECURE, CLEAN AND EFFICIENT ENERGYEnergy Efficiency2019IA01/10/201931/03/20232319.273.573€Hábitat urbano
ABERE ZERBITZU TEKNIKOAK KOOPERATIBA SOZIETATEAGran EmpresaNOClimateSmartAdvisorsClimateSmartAdvisors: Connecting and mobilizing the EU agricultural advisory community to support the transition to Climate Smart FarmingHORIZON EUROPEGlobal Challenges and European Industrial CompetitivenessFood, Bioeconomy Natural Resources, Agriculture and EnvironmentLand, ocean and water for climate action2022CSA01/04/202331/03/20307220.487.751€Selecciona una opciónSelecciona una opciónhttps://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/101084179ClimateSmartAdvisors is a pan-European multi-actor network covering 27 countries. Its aim is to boost the EU agricultural advisory community, leading to an acceleration of the adoption of climate smart (CS) farming practices by the wider farming community within and across EU AKISs. To reach this objective, ClimateSmartAdvisors focuses on the crucial role of advisors in the development and dissemination of CS innovations and practices. The project will organize activities focusing on strengthening the advisors’ capacity in providing CS advice and boosting the advisors’ role in the transition towards CS farming through their involvement in innovation projects, CS-AKIS, and EU projects and initiatives. A number of complementary activities are developed to strengthen the CS advisory capacity of the EU advisory community: 1) an EU-wide network of 260 advisory Communities of Practice (CoP) to support the development of 1500 advisors will form the core of CS knowledge exchange; 2) 140 advisors will receive expert training on selected topics, relevant for their context and for facilitating a CoP; 3) CoPs will internationally exchange knowledge on 12 thematic areas; 4) a knowledge repository will provide advisors with CS tools, practices and approaches developed in the ClimateFarmDemo project and further expanded in ClimateSmartAdvisors, 5) monitoring, evaluation and learning activities will capitalize lessons learned in and outside the project. Activities to boost the advisors role in the CS transition include: 1) connecting to local and EU (multi-actor innovation) projects, initiatives, AKIS actors, and policy makers to clarify and address joint needs, challenges and lessons learned, 2) the set-up of Co-Design Innovation Experiments to learn on how to strengthen the advisors’ role in innovation processes. Finally, to accelerate the wide spread of results, an ambitious dissemination, exploitation and communication strategy will be deployed at EU and national levels.ND
ACERÍA DE ALAVA, S.A.PymeNOCOGNIPLANTCognitive platform to enhance 360º performance and sustainaibility of the EU process industryHORIZON 2020 (2014-2020)H2020 - INDUSTRIAL LEADERSHIPH2020 - NMBPPPP. Sustainable Process Industry (SPIRE)2019IA01/10/201931/03/2023148.562.917€Fabricación avanzada
ACHUCARRO BASQUE CENTER FOR NEUROSCIENCE FUNDAZIOABERCNONeuroExcellModulation of neuronal Signaling by Brain Extracellular Space Structure and DynamicsHORIZON EUROPEExcellent ScienceMarie Sktodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships2021MSCA01/09/202331/08/20252181.152€Selecciona una opciónSelecciona una opciónhttps://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/101067304NeuroExcell aims to reveal physiological roles of the ECS structure and dynamics in directly regulating neuronal signalling, by taking advantage of the innovative new Super-resolution Shadow Imaging (SUSHI) technique. It will elucidate the nanoscale structure of the ECS of entire mouse brain hemispheres at different planes of the brain. Inherently, it will reveal simultaneously all cells as analyzable shadows what will provide unprecedented ECS maps, to complement general existing cellular maps. The results will further clarify the distribution and duration of structural ECS dynamics across areas, and will disclose the relation between ECS structure, dynamics and protein distribution in the extracellular matrix. Investigating this in live tissue slices will further allow direct visualization and analysis of diffusional processes what will help to disclose the physiological roles of the ECS.The fundamental nature of the results, and the advanced technological framework, will be of fundamental interest for neurophysiologists, glia cell biologists, and glymphatic system researchers, among others. NeuroExcell will be carried out in a multidisciplinary environment involving advanced fluorescence imaging methods, classic electrophysiological techniques, computational modelling, biophysical theory and biochemistry. For the project I will join an emerging neuroscience institute where I will further enhance and diversify my professional competences through advanced training and quality research, adding to my development toward becoming an independent research group leader.ND
ACHUCARRO BASQUE CENTER FOR NEUROSCIENCE FUNDAZIOABERCNONewron-TBINeurogenesis-related changes in hippocampal new neurons and circuits after traumatic brain injuryHORIZON 2020 (2014-2020)H2020 - EXCELLENT SCIENCEH2020 - MARIE SKTODOWSKA-CURIE ACTIONSIndividual Fellowships (IF)2017MSCA01/04/201831/03/2020158.122€----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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